Waxed Works - Specialist Waxing and Laser Hair Removal in Norwich. Intimate Waxes Using Peelable Wax

01603 622331

2nd Floor, 5 Orford Street
Norwich NR1 3LE

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Opening Hours

Tuesday 0930 - 2000
Wednesday 0930 - 2000
Thursday 0930 - 2000
Friday 0930 - 2000
Saturday 0900 - 1700

We ask that our clients pre-pay for their appointments in-branch or online (a quick and easy procedure which is explained by e-mail when you provisionally book in).

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Last year (2018), we provided the following treatments:

329 Laser Appointments
2,818 Female Intimate Waxes
216 Male Intimate Waxes
630 Leg Waxes

That's why we are the Hair Removal Specialists!

We follow a strict hygiene code to ensure no cross contamination or infection!

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Please telephone or e-mail us. E-mails can be actioned out of hours if you need us in a rush!

If you choose to book an appointment with us, you MUST have a minimum of two weeks hair growth since shaving or three weeks since waxing when you come in.
Hygiene Policy

We dedicate this page to detailing our hygiene policy, something that is of the utmost importance to us.


We wear a fresh pair of gloves for every client.

Each client is given a cleansing intimate wipe sachet to use prior to an intimate waxing treatment.

Staff are not allowed to treat a client if they are at risk of passing an infection. Staff will wear medical masks if they have the slightest hint of a cold.

All work surfaces are sanitized using surgical spirit before each treatment.

Floors are sanitized regularly throughout the day.

Fresh couch roll is used for each client.

If you are not 100% satisfied that the room is sanitized we encourage you to point it out to a member of staff so the matter can be addressed before we start the treatment.

DOUBLE DIPPING (Waxing Specific)

What is double dipping?
Double dipping refers to the potentially unsafe practice of placing either a wooden or a metal spatula back into a wax pot once wax has been applied to the skin.

When is it potentially unsafe?
When a spatula has been used to cover intimate areas or re-cover an area which has 'blood-spotting', there is a chance that the spatula has become subject to some form of infection. That spatula should then be disposed of.

When is it safe?
As we cleanse the skin before waxing, a spatula can safely be re-dipped in wax if it has been applied to an unwaxed, non-intimate, area. There is therefore no 'blood-spotting' or risk of passing an STI.

What is Waxed Works policy regarding double dipping?
It is simple. We NEVER double dip our spatulas when waxing an intimate area or when applying wax to a previously waxed area.