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We ask that our clients pre-pay for their appointments in-branch or online (a quick and easy procedure which is explained by e-mail when you provisionally book in).

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Last year (2018), we provided the following treatments:

329 Laser Appointments
2,818 Female Intimate Waxes
216 Male Intimate Waxes
630 Leg Waxes

That's why we are the Hair Removal Specialists!

We follow a strict hygiene code to ensure no cross contamination or infection!

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Please telephone or e-mail us. E-mails can be actioned out of hours if you need us in a rush!

If you choose to book an appointment with us, you MUST have a minimum of two weeks hair growth since shaving or three weeks since waxing when you come in.
Laser Hair Removal FAQs (link to price list at the bottom)

What laser system does Waxed Works use?
We use a Lumenis Lightsheer Duet. It has a water chilled handpiece for small, irregular shaped body parts and a large, vacuum assisted handpiece for quick and effective coverage on more substantial areas.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?
It can be and probably will be, although we cannot and do not guarantee it as the variables between clients are too many. Different clients will require different numbers of sessions to obtain results they are happy with.

How many sessions are required?
It varies. Many places base their calculations around an average of 6 appointments, however we have seen the desired results after as few as 3 (although a further session was then required sometime later to finally disable a minority of hair follicles).

Is Laser Hair Removal safe?
Yes. When carried out by trained, qualified, experienced and dilligent Therapists and when clients are upfront during their consultation and follow the aftercare advice. We conduct a thorough consultation during which we assess your suitability, patch test you and analyse your skin and hair types.

I have heard horror stories about burning and scarring. Will this happen to me?
No. Our Therapists are properly trained, thoughtful and dilligent. The settings we select for you will not place you in harms way. Where clients have been damaged at other establishments, there is almost always a lack of training, understanding and experience, usually involving cheaper (and thus more readily accessible) IPL machines.

How does the Laser work?
A single wavelength of short burst laser light is carried down a hair shaft toward the hair follicle. Upon reaching its destination, the laser energy damages the stem cell pouch attached to the follicle so that it can no longer form new hairs.

What is the difference between Laser Hair Removal and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
IPL essentially uses broad spectrum light energy to try and acheive the same effects as a laser. IPL is cheaper than Laser Hair Removal as the machines are cheaper but also far less effective than a laser. IPL is less effective (and potentially more dangerous) because the light energy cannot be tailored to an individuals skin and hair type - it essentially fires a light bulb at your skin in the hope that some of the light wavelengths will match your hair colour absorbtion spectrum. Wavelengths that are not absorbed by the hair shaft can instead damage surrounding skin, in particular darker tones. Lasers, on the other hand, can have their energy characteristics altered on-the-fly, but also only produce a single wavelength, giving the most effective and safe results. Your skin is safe from the energy produced as there are no spectrum "by-products".

Why is Laser Hair Removal so expensive?
It depends on your point of view. The short term costs are higher than waxing, but on a lot of treatment areas waxing becomes more expensive than 6 laser treatments after two years of appointments! Equally, the machine is extremely expensive and the handpieces it uses have a limited lifespan. The cost of replacing the handpieces runs into tens of thousands of pounds. Each!

Do I have to pay for a consultation?
A consultation fee is required, but is refunded if we deem you unsuitable or deducted from the cost of a first appointment.

How widespread is Laser Hair Removal in Norfolk?
Not very. In fact there are only a small number of places that offer it due to the prohibitve costs of the machines. IPL is far more common as the technology is less complicated and therefore cheaper. Lots of places advertise Laser Hair Removal, but in fact they use IPL machines. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING!

Does it hurt?
This is entirely subjective and so is a little difficult to answer. We use special ice packs to numb the skin which helps a great deal and speaking from personal experience, I have been unaware the laser is even being fired at times! The sensation is a bit like being gently flicked with a rubber band.

How long does my hair need to be?
It needs to be completely shaved off before your appointment.

How long will the results last?
Hopefully, permanently. You may require an additional treatment some months after completeing a "course" to finally disable any follicles that have been resilient enough to regrow a hair (usually only very fine ones).

What is the average amount of time left between appointments?
As with waxing, we work off a 4 weekly cycle, however unlike waxing, the timing is less crucial. If you happen to leave a 6 week gap instead of 4, then it won't affect the situation.

Why do I require multiple sessions?
This is an interesting question and is closely related to waxing theory. Essentially, the laser only disables follicles that have Anagen (growing) hairs in them (a slight over simplification, but not far off). At any given time, only 25% (approximately) of your follicles have Anagen hairs in them. Thus, even if your follicles are disabled with one application of the laser at a first appointment, we will not have targeted all of your follicles. At a second appointment, different follicles will have Anagen hairs and we can then aim to disable those aswell.

Why have I seen my hair density increase after the initial session?!
This is actually a really good thing! The laser has activated dormant follicles and they have started to sprout hair. Which means the laser can disable the follicles at further appointments and they won't end up activating after you have finished a treatment course. If you don't see a density increase, not to worry, it simply means you don't have many dormant follicles.

Are Therapists male or female?
Both. You will always be offered the choice of a female Therapist. If we suffer unforseen circumstances (usually a sudden illness), you will be offered a male therapist, a postponement or a refund. In any case, we will always keep you in the know!

What do I need to do before hand?
Thoroughly shave the body part you are having treated and avoid tanning your skin, naturally or artificially. More information is available at consultation.

Is intimate Laser Hair Removal safe and effective?
Of course! We wouldn't be offering it if not - Hollywoods and Brazilians, male and female, are what we're known for after all!

I have further questions - what should I do?
Ring or e-mail and we will be only too happy to help.

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